INTERPOL - Most Wanted Works Of Art, Dec 2021


The latest poster (attached) has just been released and is publicly available on INTERPOL’s website at:



Since this is a global phenomenon, it is important that countries work together. The role of the General Secretariat is primarily to support our member countries and their specialized units in this field. We ensure information is shared among countries, bring experts together in workshops and conferences, and offer training on how to counter the traffic in cultural property. When countries send us information about stolen or trafficked items, we analyse this and enter it into our Works of Art database. As well as being a central global repository for this information, our experts can also add value to information received. We analyze emerging trends in art thefts such as the proliferation of counterfeit, faked or forged works, or the use of the Internet for selling works of dubious background. Many countries do not have police units specializing in cultural property or national databases of stolen items, so we encourage and advise on this, to make our global network stronger.