Statement von ICOM Österreich zum vernichtenden Brand im Nationalmuseum von Brasilien


Statement of the Austrian National Committee of the International Council of Museums


The Austrian National Committee of the International Council of Museums (ICOM Austria) on behalf of the entire community of museums and museum professionals is deeply saddened by the huge destructions caused by the fire and expresses its great solidarity with our colleagues from the National Museum of Brazil in Rio de Janeiro and with the Brazilian people.

While we are relieved that this disaster has not caused any mortalities, we mourn the loss of the museum’s invaluable collection, which included important natural history, mineralogical, paleontological, archaeological, ethnographic, and documentary collections, which hold up to 20 million items.


ICOM Austria is offering to provide its utmost support for the revival of the National Museum in Rio de Janeiro.


ICOM Austria
c/o Jüdisches Museum der Stadt Wien GmbH
Judenplatz 8/8, 1010 Wien, Austria
T:+43 - 1 - 535 04 31 600



!!!!! Museu Nacional Brazil Call For Help!!!!!
Have you ever been to The National Museum of Brazil?
Did you take any photos of any of the specimens held there?

With any luck some photos will have legible labels which may help recover at least some data.

Please email any photos you can to

Emails may also be sent to



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