ICOM International Conference in Bratislava


in collaboration with ICOM Czechia and ICOM Austria

organise an international conference
held in Bratislava (Slovakia)
6th and 7th of November 2019


Revolution: Velvet x Digital – 30 Years of Digital and Social Media in Museums


The conference aims to evaluate and contextualise changes that have been moving museums and galleries towards new trends in digital and social media over the last three decades. The suggested period looking back to 1989 refers to the Velvet Revolution regarding the post-communist countries within our region. However, we invite a broader context involving speakers from countries without the traumatic Communist experience to explore the significance of social and cultural changes within our region in contrast with other countries.

Digital media and technologies have disrupted usual ways people obtain information on arts and cultural heritage, and therefore it is essential to examine new trends and possibilities across disciplines and search for successful strategies outside museum and gallery environment.
We invite you to share your experience with us...


Suggested topics for presentations:
▪ 30 years after [1989] – what has (not) changed in museology since 1989
▪ The social and political impact of 1989 on the existence and communication style of museums
▪ Museums – a shift from academic institutions to community platforms
▪ Digital strategy for museums – necessity or current trend?
▪ Active collections – good practice / bad practice
▪ Interconnection of virtual and traditional exhibition displays
▪ Digital and social media in museums communication
▪ Existing tools for digital content management
▪ Digitization vs museum staff (advantages / disadvantages / demands)
▪ Social impact – security, fake news

Practical information:
Deadline for submitting proposals: 1. 6. 2019
• How to submit: fill in the online admission form (
• We will inform you whether your proposal was accepted by 16. 6. 2019
• Communication languages: Slovak, Czech, English (simultaneous interpreting will be provided)
• Invited speakers are not required to pay the conference fee
• Presentation: max. 20 minutes.
• Registration without presentation will be possible between 17. 6. – 27. 9.2019
• Location: Winter Riding Hall, Bratislava Castle and Esterházy Palace, Slovak National Gallery.


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